Step One: Duplicate This Page
1. Go to Pages.
2. Hover over the title of this page.
3. Click the black, circular gear icon.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the pop up window.
6. Assign the name of your client gallery to the duplicated page.

Step Two: Add Your Images to the Gallery
1. Hover over the Gallery below and, in the pop up bar, click “EDIT.”
2. Hover over the cat sample images and, in the pop up bar, click the red trash can to delete.
3. Click “Upload Images.”
4. Click “APPLY” then click “SAVE” in the top left corner of the page to save.
5. If you do not see the file names under your images after saving the page, it’s just because they’re coded and the code needs to re-load. They should appear after a page refresh or if you view the page outside of the Squarespace editor.

Final Step: Delete These Instructions
1. Hover over each of the two text boxes that contain these instructions (including this one).
4. Click the red trash can to delete.