I was born in Saginaw, Michigan in August of 1950 to a pleasant blue collar couple. My father was a reader and a tinkerer. My mother, as in so many families, was the source of all artfulness in the household. These are the source of my “poetus et techna”.

I left Michigan for Portland in 1969 to go to art school at Concept, a breakaway school from, what was, at the time, The School of Fine and Applied Art. I bounced back and forth between Portland and Saginaw until '72. Lived and worked in Maine from '72 until '75 when I moved to Carbondale, Illinois, enrolling in the photography department of Southern Illinois University. During the spring and summer of 1976 I took a sabbatical from my studies and moved to Santa Fe, NM to work as darkroom assistant for Paul Caponigro. In December of 1977 I left SIU with a Bachelor of Science in Photography.  Back to Michigan again from '78 through '80 for graduate school at Cranbrook Academy of Art. I finished graduate school in the late spring of 1980, leaving Cranbrook Academy of Art near Detroit with an MFA in photography.

After a summer of travel to the west coast and back as a graduation gift to myself, I moved, again, to Portland to continued my search for a position teaching fine art photography. To support myself while waiting for teaching, I began working as a freelance studio assistant for commercial photographers in the city. In the spring of 1981, I went to work full-time for Peter Macomber in his studio on Exchange St. It was during the summer of that year that Peter and I worked on our first Brookstone catalog.  After nine months, I returned to freelance work. I continued to work for Macomber, Inc., on Brookstone and other freelance projects, and with other catalog photographers as well. In October of 1983, I opened my own studio at 496 Congress St., doing a range of small-scale commercial photo jobs and, as before, assisting on Brookstone catalog shoots to help with cash flow. By the following June, I was back at Macomber, this time as a photographer. Early in 1985, I took over the Brookstone account for Macomber, shooting both it's "Hard To Find Tools" catalog and it's retail advertising photography.

In 1988 I met my lovely wife, Neila, a Yoga and Fitness instructor and 25 years a broadcast journalist. Married in '89 and had our son, Cameron Neil, in '90. Opened my own commercial studio in '91. I've been doing catalog photography since I got into the business, working for LL Bean, Orvis, Plow and Hearth, KidSpace, Brookstone, Junonia, Dharmacrafts and lots of small catalogers. In the Spring of 2017 I sold my studio building in Portland where I had been based for 17 years. My current studio is in Westbrook Maine, and as before I rent space to several photographers. The daylight new space is a powerful motovation force and an incredibly variable tool.  I enjoy traveling outside the country. At the moment my favorite venue is London. 

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